New Parent Support

In recent years for many parents, the first time they have contact with babies is when they have their 1st child.  We are generally born into much smaller families than in days gone by. so we have less experience of seeing parents care for young babies, meaning we often lack experience and confidence as a new parent.  We also are more likely than ever to live a distance away from our family, so the image of a new mother being nurtured by her mother, grandmother, sisters, aunts and cousins happens so very rarely now in our society.

Becoming a new parent brings feelings of love that most have never experienced before and with that often comes a huge feeling of responsibility which sometimes leads us to doubt ourselves and our abilities.  Whilst we can read and educate ourselves by attending classes during pregnancy, many new mothers find that they need support in their homes in the early weeks of parenthood.

A postnatal doulas role is to make sure the new mother is resting enough and getting the fluids and nutrition that is essential after childbirth, assisting with family adjustment, newborn care and feeding and the promotion of parent-infant bonding.

I can be available to come and support and provide information and reassurance about breastfeeding in those important early days and many mums find a postnatal doula vital once their partners paternity leave has finished. I provide support in learning how to juggle both baby and the household chores, as well as making sure that Mum still gets some time to rest and recuperate.

As a postnatal doula I offer a range of services that may include:

* Practical and emotional support to the new mother and father in the home following the birth of the baby
* Support the mother in establishing feeding with the new baby through either breastfeeding or formula feeding
* Light household tasks such as laundry, dishes and vacuuming
* Watching the baby while the mother has a nap or relaxing bath
* Assisting with baby and sibling care
* Supporting mum on her first trips out with her new baby
* Helping to recognise symptoms of Baby Blues and other postnatal mood disorders and refer mum to the proper resources for help

My postnatal doula service fee is £16 per hour within 10 miles of my base in RG6, if you are further than this I charge 40p per mile for travel.   There are discounts available if you take both the birth and postnatal doula service.  Postnatal doula bookings need to be in minimum blocks of 1 1/2 hours, aside from this I am very flexible about how frequently and what times of day you require this support. To book an initial meeting where we can discuss what your requirements might be (during pregnancy) or are (if baby has arrived) then please contact me.