About Me

I am Shelley, a mother of three children aged 17, 15 and 9.  I have always loved babies and children, and knew from the age of 14, when I set up my own local babysitting service, that having my own children was going to be a big part of my life.  Like most women today I worked after leaving school in a career that had nothing to do with children and babies, but paid the bills.  I continued my career after my first and second child were born but I knew then that my passion was pregnancy, childbirth and babies and that I wanted to spend my days surrounded by this rather than telecoms!  So I took the plunge….

Now I work in many roles, but they are all things I am passionate about.  I am an IT service manager by day and an antenatal  teacher (diploma in antenatal education through the NCT) a breastfeeding counsellor (dipHe) and Parenting educator at all other times.

My hours are often long and sometimes my own family may feel neglected, but it only takes one story where a mum or dad believe that my work made a difference to them at this amazing time for me to be reminded of why I love what I do.  I hope that what you read on my website, either providing you with information or by using some of the services I offer, helps make your journey even more amazing and enjoyable.